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Below are links to pages with information and techniques you may choose to use for help:

- Imphara - self-healing with SVH (Serenity Vibration HealingĀ®) - all open in a new window. 

- Angels web site

Self-help Pages Index:

1: free podcasts, lessons and lectures

2: Ideas to assist with change, growth or harmony

3: 10 actions you can do to shift your attention

4: Compassion for yourself or others

5: Lessons from the Masters

6: What language are you using?


Choose some more links or exercises you feel will help you: 

New whisper healing now available: helping you with Love and Prayer:  web site - in a new window

Thrive - the movement - a wake up call for humanity - opens in a new window

Wonderful World - opens in a new window

SVH - FREE Healing Podcasts - opens in a new window

A possible solution: Freedom Train - 8 minute mp3 - be in control of your life !

New healing: "Neutral Paths" click here

NEW: 3 Minute Meditation - opens in a new window

IMPHARA - go to the  Imphara Healing page - for self-healing (new window)

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Cut old energy cords - click here - new window

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