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A site about the spiritual and physical aspects of life, love and living.

About Rainbow Spirit - founded in 1987 by Michael Bray - available world-wide ~ web site

Using the colours, vibration and frequency of the rainbow to bridge & connect peoples, animals, nature & the All.


We remind you that You are a Magnificent Amazing Being and we are all made from Stardust. This is also the title of a new book by Michael

Serenity Vibration Healing® (or SVH) is a profound yet simple, safe and long-lasting energy healing. Available from Michael - web site

Serenity Fellowship and Serenity Ministries™ is its own denomination with no dogma. It is supported by a group of Serenity Ministries™ Ministers or Monks, who are here to share healing, harmony, grace and empowerment with all people in their community and country, or around the planet. We are in many countries.

We are a Spiritual Fellowship or gathering that promotes peace, personal empowerment and the collective expansion. We are a lighthouse of hope for those who forget that they are love. That is the same love that is the Creator or Divine Mother Mary or ArchAngel Michael. We remind all people that they are a magnificent amazing being.

"We reflect an unwavering, harmonious, neutral acceptance of all beings and their choices. Our doctrines align with sovereignty, autonomy, personal empowerment, development of a sacred and harmonious personal relationship with the Creator and ascension through master expansion."

                                                      . . . . . . . . . . .  Jill Marie, founder of Serenity Ministries

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